Conference on Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals
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Program at a glance

Welcome notes by the Chair of the Conference

Mission and program

The Conference will be held on March 16 to 19, 2003, in the beautiful city of Québec (Québec, Canada). It is designed as a must-see, specialized event, and provides a unique meeting opportunity between biopharma and plant-based protein production.

The Conference is organized and funded by the organizations that use plants to produce biopharmaceuticals. The Conference’s three-day program begins with 90-minute plenary sessions where world-class keynote speakers relate present challenges and future benefits of plant-made pharmaceuticals. The rest of the day is made of dual-track symposia on technology, business and stewardship, and presentations of platforms, products, applications and technologies, brought to you by top scientists and experienced businesspersons. All frequently asked questions of plant-based production of biologic drugs will be addressed: production cost, capital savings, capacity, introduction to clinical trials, protein quality (glycosylation), containment, biosafety, product regulations, and many others.

Conference language

The Conference is a specialized event aimed to the experts in plant-factories and the development of biopharmaceuticals. The scientific, business and regulatory communications on the Conference's program will be presented in English, the science's language of use. As it is the case for most international and specialized events presented in Québec and elsewhere, simultaneous translation will not be provided.


The Conference on Plant-made Pharmaceuticals is the 2003 edition of two previous conferences. The first conference was held in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada) in 1997 and attracted 250 participants from academia and emerging companies discussing scientific issues. This conference is believed to be the first meeting where the term «molecular farming» was used. The second event took place in London (Ontario, Canada) in 1999 and presented a strong science program with some business topics to ± 450 people, including a modest contingent of representatives from the pharma/biotech and financing community. These conferences would not have been possible without the implication of Paul Arnison, Jim Brandle, Pete Desai, Wilf Keller, Andrea Labaj, Pete McCann, Maurice Moloney and Gord Surgeoner, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and several sponsors.

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March 16 to 19 2003, Québec City
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